June 2020, Carlisle, Massachusetts

The Carlisle Conservation Foundation & Carlisle Trails Committee invite Carlisleans of all ages to collectively walk the trails in Carlisle throughout the month of June. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the limitations on social gathering, we are extending “Trails Day” to an entire month. Individuals, families, neighborhoods, school classes & community groups are invited to participate in ways that conform to CDC, MassDPH, or any other national or local social distancing guidelines that are in place in June.

We look forward to gathering virtually as a community to celebrate and take solace in Carlisle’s wonderful natural environment.

Sign up

  • Check out our town trails map below, select the walk you'd like to take, then sign up here.
  • Go solo or invite your friends, family, and group members to join, subject to distancing guidelines then in place.

Walk Your Walk

  • Gather, or go solo, at your chosen time and place, subject to distancing guidelines then in place.
  • Document your walk by taking photographs.
  • Record your completed walk on the "Report your Walk" form here on the Carlisle Trails Day website.
  • Post your photos online with #carlisletrailsday follow the hashtag on Instagram to other postings.

Post Walk Celebrations

  • Celebrations for this year's Trails Day will be virtual
  • Post your photos with #carlisletrailsday and we'll gather them on CCF's Instagram feed where you can see what trails your neighbors walked in June and how they managed social distancing.

Here are some photographs from CCF's Instagram account @ccf.nature

We'll add photos to this collection from ones Challenge Walkers post with #carlisletrailsday

Map of Carlisle Walks

We've divided Carlisle's trails into 26 manageable walks.
Use the dropdown menu below to access a downloadable pdf of each of the walks with approximate distances and other useful information.

1 2 26 25 24 22 23 21 20 3 4 9 10 19 18 17 16 15 8 11 14 13 12 7 6 5